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Keep Cool This Summer

Do your sash windows open properly and safely?

girl-keeping-cool-on-beachWith Summer just around the corner, being able to open your windows to get some cool ventilation going is an absolute necessity.
Opening your windows to get the natural circulation going, allows cool air to enter at the bottom and hot air to exit at the top.
You only need a small gap of just a few inches to make all the difference between feeling like you are in a sauna or relaxing in a cool summer breeze.

Years of paint and/or broken sashcords can make windows impossible to open and possibly unsafe when the sashcords are in poor condition.

Freeing off your sashes & replacing 4 sashcords on one window can cost as little as £99.00. a small price to pay for the comfort and security it gives, alongside the benefits of maintaining & looking after your home.

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